Luvirie produces traditional food products since 2005. The company works by hand producing typical recipes from the old ‘azdore’ for distributors and retail.

Artisanal Production

Luvirie produces the Romagna excellences digging in its ancient roots, in this way Luvirie brings to your table high quality products.
Luvirie has been growing step by step and it cares about raw material used in fact the company uses no additives and no colourants.
Fruit keeps its real taste and its original colours thanks to the innovative steam way.
Luvirie is for food company and also for company who needs personalized gifts offering the Romagna specialities.
Luvirie changes its location in 2014 and it moves to a bigger headquarter with a larger laboratory of great potential.
From that moment Luvirie is able to coordinate its production and the contractors one, always producing by hand and with passion.
In the Luvirie headquarter there is also the stores showing and selling the products. It is located in Viale Enzo Ferrari 17, Riccione.
There, you will find all the products, the gift lines, books about Romagna, a conference room, webs and pottery from Romagna.
You can find Luvirie products in more than 300 stores in Italy and in the world.
Contact us to find out the nearest store for you.

Natural, Original, Healthy

Product Lines: Romagna typical products, Sauces for boiled and cheese, Ginger in kitchen, Fruit concentrated by hand, Tasting vases 40 gr, Gift lines, Pastry by hand. 

Natural tastes: Apricot, Sour Cherry, Pienapple, Anice, Orange, Gojii Seeds, Coffee, Cinnamon, Cherry, Chocolate and Cocoa, Onion and Shallot, Coconut.

Original tastes: Fig, Strawberry, Soft Fruits, Lemon, Licorice, Almond, Apple, Quince Jelly, Pomegranate, Mint, Blueberry, Must.

Healthy ingredients: Nuts, Hazelnut, Chili, Pepper, Pear, Peach, Plum, Rosehyps, Cervia Salt, Romagna Wine, Ginger, Pumpkin.

Typical Agri Food Products

TYPICAL ROMAGNA PRODUCTS (including caramelized figs, Romagna mustard, Savor, Saba and Romagna Cotognata).

SAUCES AND JAMS FOR BOILING AND CHEESE (traditional and original, excellent mustards and fruit jams, also with balsamic).

GINGER IN THE KITCHEN (bringing ginger into mustards, jams without sugar, biscuits, pastries and soft drinks, always together with real fruit).

FRUIT CONCENTRATES, FROM REAL FRUITS (jams, jams without sugar, smoothies and drinks, always without additives).

TASTING JARS IN BOMBONIERA FORMAT (seven different lines of 40 grams, including wine jellies, honey and flavored sugar).

SOFT ARTISAN PASTRY (panettone and colomba, along with classic, traditional and vegan biscuits, all from our pastry shop in our Riccione office).

ORIGINAL FOOD GIFT IDEAS (from the typical products baskets to the colorful lines of Pitture per Papille, passing through the Eau de Food gold bars).

The Headquarter

The headquarter is in viale Enzo Ferrari 17 Riccione and it offers:

  • Luvirie’s products;
  • Luvirie’s pastry;
  • a selection of delicacies from Romagna;
  • gift lines;
  • an area for Romagna craftsmanship (webs, tissues, ceramics) and book about this region;
  • a conference room and a garden for events;
  • a catering service.

Luvirie also prepares tasting events for groups and tourists.

In Riccione (Rimini, Italy)


Since 2005, in a "Big Kitchen"

Luvirie is one of the food company of Emilia Romagna and it’s growing step by step since 2005.

It is born in a "bog kitchen", with a little capital and an enormous cauldron to caramelized the figs, like grandfathers’ time.

In 2014 with the entrance of Vittorio the company moves to a bigger location and it evolves with a larger laboratory (in the hands of Bernadette), administration offices (with Catia) and a store.

Now as then, quality food products always driven by a great passion.